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A Week in Denver Evangelizing the 10GbE Opportunity for Resellers

Posted August 18th, 2011 by Shawn Pattock

Last week was a fantastic one for Emulex. Our channel team was in downtown Denver for a full week of festivities and events around CRN’s XChange Americas conference. The team did a ton of planning and preparation, so by the time we kicked off the events a week ago, we were chomping at the bit to get started.

On Tuesday, we debuted our 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) Summit with over 40 resellers and service providers in attendance. We spent day one discussing 10GbE market opportunities in general, including valuable 10GbE solutions discussions with partners LSI and Nexenta. Day two featured a discussion around 10GbE cloud selling strategies, an overview of Emulex OneConnect products and an outline of the CRN 5 Star Award-winning Connect Partner Program before sitting down to an engaging set of roundtables, where I think our new friends and Emulex learned a little (a lot!) about each other. I can tell you it was personally very helpful hearing from channel partners firsthand as to what helps them be successful and how Emulex can help them gain that success.

We ended our two days with a send-off from John Alfieri, vice president of sales, thanking our soon-to-be 40 newest Connect partners. And just as quickly as it started, the 10Gb Summit was over. Our group was off to begin their CRN XChange schedule.

But before you knew it, we had to get ready for XChange Americas ourselves…we were setting up our booth in the Solutions Pavilion of the Denver Convention Center and having one-on-one meetings with even more resellers. There was a packed schedule of events set for the week, and we had close to 300 resellers and service providers in town to soak it all up.

Day one ended that night after several hours talking to countless partners about Emulex 10GbE and other solutions, the Connect Partner Program and what’s coming next. We awoke to find that several of our Emulex team had gotten our “action shots” into XChange Daily Newsletter. Judi Uttal, Jeff Johnson, Howard Lo and I all had our faces in light as they graced the event newsletter’s pages.

The Emulex team had accomplished so much in such a short period of time: It was now just Wednesday! Now it was time for our boardroom session with a few dozen folks. Ever try to explain your company, a market opportunity, your products AND a reseller program in 20 minutes? We somehow managed and enjoyed every minute of it. I think our friends did too. At the end of another week in a hotel room, we packed up and went home, our first annual 10GbE Summit and the XChange events a success.

While I am sure everyone enjoys the fun of digging out of a week-deep e-mail hole, my morning turned decidedly better seeing that Emulex was voted XChange Americas’ Best Breakthrough Technology Vendor by the attendees. Thanks to all, especially the resellers we spoke to, who made the week so good.

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