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OneConnect® 10GBASE-T – The Cost Effective 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) Solution

Posted February 13th, 2012 by Shawn Pattock

With the cost of 10GbE dropping and data demands rising, many customers are ready to transition from 1GbE, but cable compatibility and cost may still cause those interested to think twice. Many budget-conscious small and medium-sized businesses tend to deploy 10GbE technology into existing 1GbE ecosystems gradually, upgrading as needed. In such cases, having to install new runs of optical cable and/or replace all 1Gb switches and CAT 6 or 6a cable is not a financially viable option. Resellers addressing customer concerns such as these know 10GBASE-T is the only solution. In fact, after factoring in switch and optical cabling costs, going with 10GBASE-T will give your customer a 50 percent cost savings per Gigabit of of deploying 1GbE.
Just recently, Emulex introduced its new 10GBASE-T line of next-generation OneConnect® 10GbE Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs). Available as a straight Network Interface Card (NIC) or iSCSI-enabled, the OCe11102-NT NIC and OCe11102-IT iSCSI adapters provide the perfect solution to meet your customer’s needs.
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