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Cisco’s Latest Data Center Business Advantage

Posted March 30th, 2011 by Emulex Labs Team

By Art Ford, WW Field Marketing, Emulex

A lot of times I see product announcements or big marketing launches and it takes me a minute or two to see past all the marketing fluff and get to the real gist of what is being announced. If you have been in the Information Technology industry any amount of time, I am sure you have seen phrases such as “Enabling Cloud Computing” or “Better TCO”. These are en vogue phrases, but not always easy to quantify.

However, occasionally there are new product introductions that jump out at you. That is the case with this week’s Cisco announcements. This is one of the product announcements that will be a real difference maker. Cisco has more than 70% share in the Ethernet1 game and when they bring new products and capabilities into a category, you have to stop and look at them. What they announced today will drive network convergence solutions across the data center. Let’s look at a few of the key items in this announcement:

Multi-hop Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE):

  • Cisco has announced a real solution for multi-hop FCoE. This extends FCoE beyond the access layer, to enable Fibre Channel (FC) and FCoE to be single domain, with common zoning and mapping. This extended support across the Nexus 5000, Nexus 7000 and MDS 9500 enable full end-to-end FC-FCoE networking. For a brief (kind of) blog on multihop FCoE, see J Metz’s blog: To Tell the Truth: Multihop FCoE.

Nexus 7000 with FCoE, the Industry’s first Ethernet Storage Director:

  • Ethernet, Storage and Director all in the same title tells the story. This is a high-performance, mission-critical, enterprise convergence director from the market leader in Ethernet and a key step in growing the ecosystem for network convergence. Emulex has worked closely with Cisco to ensure that our Emulex OneConnect 10GbE LAN on motherboard (LOM) and universal converged network adapters (UCNAs) are fully compatible and maximize IT managers’ investments in their Nexus and MDS infrastructure.

AdapterFEX and VM-FEX. Taking Cisco Fabric Extender architecture to the ecosystem:

  • Emulex expects to partner with Cisco on their AdapterFEX enabling the partitioning of a physical server network interface card (NIC) into multiple logical NICs and VM-FEX extending that technology all the way to the virtual machine, we now can extend connectivity to multiple workloads and fully benefit from 10G bandwidth at the server.

Converged Management of Data Center Networks:

  • New hardware is great, but, management is the key to it all. With this new release, Emulex and Cisco give you a single pane of glass to view all LAN and SAN configurations, settings and performance.

Emulex and Cisco are bringing complete network convergence solutions to market. Cisco uses Emulex OneConnect 10GbE UCNAs to connect their new switches and to help IT mangers maximize server, network and storage virtualization to drive data consolidation, reduce operating and capital expenses (OPEX and CAPEX) and deliver greener IT environments.

Every market evolves in stages and today’s announcements with Cisco are one more major step to making network convergence a leading technology in the data center.

1 Crehan Research, 4Q10 Datacenter Market Switch Market Share Report

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