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3 New Ways to Get a BIG Application Performance Boost Without Spending a Whole Lot of Cash

Posted August 26th, 2013 by Barbara Porter

One of the great values that comes with using Gen 5 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), is that even when installed into an existing 8Gb Fibre Channel (8GFC) infrastructure, you can get a BIG performance bump without spending a load of cash on new infrastructure or making time-consuming configuration changes. Because application performance is front and center of IT data center concerns, and meeting service level agreements (SLAs) are more critical than ever as more mission-critical applications are being virtualized, Emulex has extended Gen 5 FC benefits by adding three new products, providing data center administrators with more options and flexibility to boost performance and meet SLAs.   The new products include the LPe16004 quad-port HBA, the LPe15004 quad-port HBA, and the LPe16202 Converged Fabric Adapter. We’ll talk more about the new adapters in moment.

Emulex Labs testing has shown significant performance improvements by using Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBAs. In the example below, in order to get a 25%-45% application performance improvement, you could do either of two things:

Spend Big on Infrastructure Upgrades
(hundreds of thousands of dollars)
Or Upgrade to Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBAs
(spend a few hundred dollars on upgrading to Gen 5 HBAs)
  • More servers
  • More software licenses
  • More power
  • And associated increased IT management costs…

Cash pile

  • A simple plug-and-play performance upgrade
  • Compatibility with 4GFC/8GFC infrastructures
  • No additional management costs/complexity
  • Same incredible reliability and simplicity of the time-tested FC protocol, but with new features for virtualization, huge IOPS performance and latency improvements, and data integrity protection

Bundle of Cash

Now back to the new products…in addition to the already available single-port and dual-port Gen 5 FC HBAs and mezzanine cards that are available from virtually every OEM today, the following three products join the Gen 5 FC line-up:

  • Emulex LPe16004 Gen 5 FC HBA: The LPe16004 is the only quad-port Gen 5 FC HBA available in the market. It delivers monster performance with 2.4 million IOPS per HBA1, up to 1.2 million on a single-port, and more than twice the IOPS of other 16GFC HBAs2, making it ideal for environments that need to maximize FC connectivity, high-availability, and performance, including solid state disks (SSDs) and new multi-core processor servers, slot constrained servers as well as for use in storage target devices.
  • Emulex LPe15004 Gen 5 FC HBA: The Emulex LPe15004 quad-port low-profile Gen 5 HBA is the fastest 8GFC HBA in the industry, delivering up to 1.2 million IOPS on a single port, which is 6x more IOPS than competing 8GFC HBAs2. In addition, the LPe15004 is the only 8GFC HBA that supports PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 and T10 Protection Information (PI) with high-performance offload acceleration. With lightning fast latency and better IOPS performance than other 8GFC HBAs, it is ideal for the toughest 8GFC virtualized, cloud and mission-critical workloads.
  • Emulex LPe16202 Gen 5 Converged Fabric Adapter (CFA): The new LPe16202 dual-port Gen 5 FC CFA is capable of Gen 5 Fibre Channel (16Gb/8Gb Fibre Channel) or 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) personalities for virtualized data centers and private clouds, providing unparalleled flexibility to run multiple protocols and speeds with a simple optics change. This adapter is the ideal choice for a number of uses:
  • For OEMs, system integrators, and appliance vendors, this CFA enables one adapter to be qualified, inventoried and configured at the time of shipment as either a Gen 5 FC HBA running at 8GFC or 16GFC, or 10GbE FCoE adapter based on the optics plugged into the adapter.
  • For enterprise data centers and service providers using FC today, this new CFA makes it easy to migrate to FCoE without having to rip and replace adapters and drivers. Data centers running both FC and FCoE storage systems will benefit from standardizing on one adapter, simplifying their qualification process and spares inventory.

For further information, check out the press release here or head over to our booth #505 at VMworld this week to learn more!

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