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Emulex Gen 5 Fibre Channel Momentum Keeps Rolling Along

Posted December 17th, 2013 by Mike Jochimsen

Today, we announced our latest round of partners who have certified our Gen 5 16Gb Fibre Channel (16GFC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) for interoperability with their software or storage. The latest round of endorsements come from our friends at ATTO, Bloombase, Imation, Permabit and Violin Memory.  This great cross section of the industry further represents that Emulex’s leading position in Gen 5 FC is continuing to roll right along.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but as a customer, you are rightfully asking “why should I care?” I’ve got one word for you – growth. If you aren’t experiencing growth in your data storage capacity needs, then you aren’t yet aware of all of the sources of data generation that are snowballing in front of you.

The fact is that storage growth is continuing rapidly.  According to Gartner (Market Trends – Evolving HDD and SSD Storage Landscapes, 30 Oct 2013) storage will ONLY grow between 35%-50% annually through 2016, and that low number is due primarily to storage efficiency products.  Storage growth is due to data generation growth. That is coming from your normal enterprise application growth (financial applications, order management, supply chain, etc.) as well as the numerous sources of big data that touch your company in increasing numbers every day.

Back to your primary concern – “why should I care?”  Your employees, customers and suppliers are all part of the problem.  They allparticipate in this massive proliferation of data that needs to be stored, secured, compressed, deduplicated, backed up and analyzed!  Emulex and its partners participate in helping you to minimize the impact of this massive tsunami of data.


Through our partnerships with storage vendors such as Imation and Violin Memory, Emulex continues to push the envelope on providing fast access to fast storage.

Imation: The Imation Nexsan E-Series™ SAN storage system is targeted at midsized organizations needing an extremely dense and highly reliable solution. Imation’s expertise in capacity-optimized storage has led to leading efficiencies at the lowest possible cost-per-terabyte for applications like disk backup and bulk storage, tailored to fit in any environment whether traditional, virtual or cloud.

Imation has certified the Emulex Gen 5 FC HBAs with the Nexsan E-Series so that customers can benefit from the increased bandwidth, I/O operations per second (IOPS) and reduced latency.

Violin Memory: Violin Memory flash memory arrays accelerate business critical applications and enabling fully virtualized and optimized IT infrastructures. Designed for sustained performance with high reliability, Violin flash memory arrays scale to hundreds of terabytes and millions of IOPS with low, spike-free latency. Violin Memory has certified the Emulex LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs as initiators against its 6000 Series flash memory arrays. This configuration was used in the recently published Storage Switzerland report on designing a two million IOPS architecture.


ATTO Technology: ATTO provides end-to-end solutions to help customers better store, manage, and deliver their data. ATTO has certified the Emulex LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs with its FastStream storage controllers, FibreBridge 6500 bridge and FibreConnect 8GFC and 16GFC switches, providing low latency, guaranteed bandwidth for time-sensitive applications, streaming media, virtualized, backup and recovery applications.


Permabit: As a leader in data efficiency technology, Permabit delivers Albireo, an embedded high performance OEM data optimization software to storage, application, and integrated IT vendors. Permabit has certified the Emulex LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBAs with Albireo, which enables storage vendors to deliver high speed data deduplication for primary, archive or backup storage tiers that utilize either traditional hard disk drive (HDD) or flash based storage.


Bloombase: Bloombase delivers application-transparent data at-rest encryption security for next-generation data centers. Bloombase has certified the Emulex LPe16000 Gen 5 FC HBA in servers with Bloombase StoreSafe, an all-in-one storage security software-appliance to lock down sensitive enterprise data stored in SAN for any business applications from ERP, content management, to big data analytics, etc with least infrastructure change

And finally, the Emulex advantage:

  • Industry Leading FC Performance: up to 1.2 million IOPS on a single-port to meet today’s performance hungry applications, PCIe 3.0 servers, SSDs and backup application demands.
  • Better for Database Applications:
    • Three times faster for Oracle Database*
    • Two times faster for Microsoft SQL Server*
    • 4.6 times faster in 8Gb Mode*
  • Greater IT Productivity: twice the management tools and takes half the time to install and manage versus other HBAs.
  • Maximum Uptime to Meet SLAs: Highest published reliability data with more than 10 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF) on the LightPulse family of HBAs. LightPulse HBAs run cooler than others and utilize passive heat sinks for optimum realiability.
  • Advanced Data Integrity: Protection against silent data corruption with T10 Protection Information (T10 PI) on 8GFC and Gen 5 HBAs.
  • Market Leadership in Gen 5 FC HBAs: deployed by more OEMs than any other Gen 5 FC  (16GFC) HBA brand.

*Demartek HBA Evaluation (Dec. 2012)

Read our release to learn more about how partners are leveraging Emulex Gen 5 FC technology, or visit our solutions page to learn more.

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